What's this all about?

Over the years we've been involved with so many Christian artists who have had the desire and the talent to write / sing / play great music but don't have the knowledge / gear / funds to record their music and get it out there.  We've seen too many worthy artists stymied.  That's why we started Ragg Productions.  We've been blessed to have been able to help people in a variety of ways.  For instance:

  • Recording a youth band to raise money for mission trips.

  • Recording a variety of artists to help fund a local church which feeds families weekly.

  • Recording local singer songwriters as they prepare a new project.

  • Recording a choir's Christmas and Easter cantatas to be added to their video which produced DVD's for their congregation.

You can hear cuts from some of the above examples on our demo page.

We have the knowledge, the gear, and we can get it done for little or no money up front.  We work all kinds of deals to make this happen.  Granted that we don't take on all projects, but we've found that we're interested in most that we feel the artist is committed to.  Give us a shout!  We'd love to chat.


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